Analytical People

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Specialists in Analytical People, Services, Data Mining, Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science

1. Application Areas
1.1. Marketing Analytics
1.2. CRM
1.3. Market Research
1.4. Fraud & Anomaly Detection
1.5. Business Performance Measurement
1.6. Biomedical analytics
1.7. Credit Scoring & Risk Analysis

2. Analytical Areas
2.1. Advanced Analytics
2.2. Data Mining
2.3. Predictive Analytics
2.4. Statistical Analysis

3. Methodologies
3.1. There are too many of these to mention but here are some of the more common ones.
Traditional Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Decision Trees, Neural Networks - Artificial Intelligence(AI), Link Analysis, Cluster Analysis (Statistical and AI)

4. People
4.1. Analysts
4.2. Consultants
4.3. Solution Architects
4.4. Developers
4.5. Project/Program Managers

5. Analytical Application Development

6. Software Tools
6.1. IBM/SPSS Statistics, IBM/SPSS Modeler, SAS, SAS Enterprise Miner, Oracle Data Miner, KXEN, STATISTICA, Salford Systems, R, S-PLUS, BMDP

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